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Linking to a spotify search with both track and artist

februar 16th, 2017 by

It seems that Spotify has made some changes to how one should format links when performing more complex searches, causing some problems with one of the services I work on.

We used to format the links like this to open the spotify app and performing a search (mouse over and inspect to see):

Castle on the hill Ed Sheeran.

The answer from the spotify app:

Megabig sad face. Huge.

I put a question up on Stack overflow, but no luck there, and I got a negative answer from a moderator at the official Spotify developer forum.

Luckily I had better success with contacting @SpotifyCares through Twitter.

Thanks! We’ve spoken with the relevant team regarding this. The search parameter has to be URI encoded, and the different field values have to be wrapped in «quotes». You can think of it like this – ‘spotify:search:’ + encodeURIComponent(‘track:»castle on the hill» artist:»ed sheeran»‘). We hope this helps. In the meantime, check out to our friends at @SpotifyPlatform. They’ll be able to help further :) /Q

So, grabbing track:"castle on the hill" artist:"ed sheeran" and jumping over to for a quick encode gives me track%3A%22castle%20on%20the%20hill%22%20artist%3A%22ed%20sheeran%22.

Then just add spotify:search: in front, and viola:

Castle on the hill Ed Sheeran.

Boyahh! Big happyface! The biggest!

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Get you popcorn ready! Voddler screenshots and details

juli 13th, 2009 by

Voddler is an eagerly awaited video-on-demand service with a business model quite like the popular Spotify. Here are some screenshots and gathered facts to tie you over until the real thing is released.


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Screenshots from the Wimp music software

mai 20th, 2009 by

Norwegian firm Aspiro is working on a Spotify competitor, due to go into beta in the summer of 2009 according to NRKbeta. But a happy few, including me, has had access for a while, and I wanted to share a few annotated screenshots from the Abobe Air-based client.

PS: To get a betatest login, please send your name and mobile phone number to, and follow @aspiromusic on Twitter

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Wimp frontpage
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Wimp search result, returned on the count of two
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!
Wimp search result Nirvana
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Wimp artist page w mashup and fav
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Wimp instillinger
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Get personal recommendations based on your history by authorizing Wimp to access your data. This is what my recommandations look like. A little unusual selection perhaps, but looks interresting.

Wimp personal recommendations
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