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Came across Beyond Organic on the Aural Traditions podcast, that did a rebroadcast of their excellent Permaculture show and though I would check out their site. And here is an oddity: They provide their entire archive as mp3 for download, but no podcast feed in sight. To me that is like a man dying of thirst sitting a foot from a river. I sent them an email begging them to create a feed, I hope it comes up soon. I’m just to lazy to download manually and import to Itunes etc. That is a rather strange effect of Itunes, its so easy to use that is simply carves new media habits into me in just a few months. I’ve dropped live radio and even on demand shows completely, if it ain’t provided as a podcast, I couldn’t care less.

Except that is, in the case of the Beyond Organic show. Maybe.

Beyond Organic Radio Show – About the Show:

The Beyond Organic radio show is an unique environmental radio and multimedia program, addressing issues of organic food and farming, social and environmental sustainability.

The show offers news, interviews and research that fills a void left by public and private broadcasters.

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  1. Hi, there!

    Podcast will be finalized by today (Friday, November 18, 2005) — just working out some kinks.


    / Michael

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