RSS Search Engines

I’m still looking for a rss indexing site that has my feed archived, so that I can limit the search to my feed + tag. Feedster is pretty good, but for some strange reason it only outputs the last 13 posts in the rss.

RSS Search Engines


  1. Thanks for the comment. I’ve looked at bloggdigger, and I like the formatting, but the rss only outputs a limited number of posts. The best one I’ve found so far is the search, that outputs the 100 latest posts, but of course this search only works for blogger/blogspot users. Other bloggers (who doesn’t have categories etc already would fine blogdigger really useful). Or is it possible to pass along a variable to control the number of posts in the xml-feed on blogdigger searches?k

  2. Thanks for checking out Blogdigger; you can adjust the number of results returned by adding &pp=100 to the end of the URL.

    You can also use the si (startIndex; default is 1) and pp parameters to page through results, if that is what you are trying to do…not sure why you would want to show all your resultson a single page if you are trying to do search.

  3. Hi,

    I’m the founder of Feedster. One thing you can do with Feedster is just adjust the limit variable. For example we default to 15 results but we also dedupe and remove spam which often results in less than 15 results. What you could try is adding &limit=99 to get more results.

    Hope that helps.


  4. Thanks, the feedster limit did the trick, strange I didn’t see / try that one before.

    Now I have another “problem” with Feedster, I cant find any information on the different settings for content, the default is content=full, it would be nice to have a few more options there, like the first 200 characters of the description and no images. If I run it through my magpie script I have to rewrite it completely to wash out all the unneccesary bits.

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