Yahoo redesign? Where?

I stopped using Yahoo a few years ago, when they started to portalize their site, filling the frontpage with all kinds of crap, so when I read this piece in BusinessWeek I jumped over to have a look. But really, what has changed? Some new icons? WTF, a more stripped down site? Where? It’s still filled to the brim with boring crap. Portals are a dead idea, at least in the form Yahoo chooses. Goodbye Clutter? Yeah right. Agreed, the design is better, better spaced etc, but it should just contain one thing, a search box! And MAYBE a menuline with mail or other yahoo services you subscribe to. If only yahoo HAD tried to learn something from google.

Goodbye Clutter, Hello Clever:

Yahoo! simplifies its home page in a redesign that showcases an array of offerings and a more customized and intuitive approach