Project: Sculpture made from 2 million oil barrels

(Featured photo by Sergio Russo) Keywords: Art, oil, environmentalism, activism, civil disobedience. Norway produces approximately 2 million barrels of oil per day, 12% of the worlds production. This project seeks financing and formal approval for building and promoting a sculpture built from the same number of used oil barrels.


Kosmorama inviterte til å holde gjenbruksverksted under årets filmfestival. Temaet var dinosaurer og monster. Masse unger (og voksne) var innom for å lage fine ting.

Website “chatbot” using (test)

This is just a little experiment using to recreate a BBC article chatbot* found via Niemlab. (The free version of lets me create 30 blocks, so there is a few pieces missing from the original bot) * not really a chatbot, more like a multibranched scripted conversation.

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Some years ago I worked on a series of images based on glitchy frames from the now defunct RealVideo format. Back in the day when high bandwidth still was something rare, RealVideo was great for compressing streaming and ondemand video, but sometimes it would spit out video with strange artifacts, especially when livestreaming. In the… Fortsett å lese Glitching

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Quickest way to poll a changing json and update a row in a Google spreadsheet

Aka "a poor mans database". A user asked for a playlist for one of our streaming radiochannels. We have no official playlist for that channel, and being pressed for time I hastily created a Google Spreadsheet and added a simple script for polling a json-script. It uses Google's inbuilt trigger solution for running the script… Fortsett å lese Quickest way to poll a changing json and update a row in a Google spreadsheet