Fra tegning til tatovering

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P3sommer ba lytterne sende inn tatoveringsforlag på instagram, og tror du ikke mitt forslag vant da gitt! Føles rart og fint å tenke på at en av mine tegninger nå bor permanent på kroppen til at annet menneske. Ukens høydepunkt!

ballonghode tatovering





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Mini Diy: Collage

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Mixed media collage

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Acryllic paints, newspaper cuttings.


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Inkscape 07.10

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Thinking about oil, consumerism, evil, Wall Street, corruption.

Created with open source software Inkscape, using a Wacom tablet.

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DIY: My first “acoustic laptop”

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My first piezo-instrument

A picture of my first experiment with creating an acoustic laptop, which basically is miked wooden box with a interesting soundgenerating objects inside.

Really easy to make, all you need is a piezo element (you’ll find them in those cheap birtdaycards that play music, or you can order them online.

The piezo element is soldered to a headphone jack and then glued to a wooden box. Plug the box into an amp, I used my guitar amp, and you’re all set.

Video: Acoustic laptop in action

Lydeksperimentklubben 14.12.10 from Arnfinn Killingtveit on Vimeo.

When used in this way the piezo turns into a really sensitive “microphone”. If you stroke a feather over the wooden box, you will hear it as clearly as if you did the same inside you ear, it is quite exiting the first time you try it!

The piezo works by picking up vibrations and turning them into electrical signals, so the fun part is finding interesting objects to put in the box, like I have here. Springs and rubber bands are obvious choces, but the fun part is just rummaging through drawers looking for weird stuff and trying them out.

Here are some of the things I tried in my box:

-Pink wine bottle cap with a heart on a spring. Makes a deep and rytmical sound when you hit it with you finger. Sawed off and glued to the bottom of the box.
– Two rubber bands, creates a melodic bass sound.
– Large metal spring, has a very deep metallic sound, scratch it hard with your nails and it’s almost like a bass guitar with extreme fuss.
– Brass lion face, sounds like a bass drum when you tap it carefully.
– Three needles, simply pressed into a joint of the wood. These are my favorites, they have different tone depending on how far into the wood you press them, and rings almost like glass when you pick them with your nails.
– Wind up toys! These where a huge success, creating rythm and drama. You can eighter just let them loose, or hold them in your hand and touching them to the different objects.
– Electric cappuccino mixer. This was really a must, it gives you control and is also really loud as you let it vibrate next to an object! Must be heard to be believed!

I had so much fun making these, hope you’ll try it too!

Will try to put up some audio or video soon.

A little less clutter:

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Pixelpeople is a series of digital portraits I made many years ago, back when I still had time to frolick. Some of them are stillframes grabbed from heavily compressed Real Video, which where know for creating rather strange artifacts in their encoding. Others are still frames from television, I believe one of them is even based on a still from Baywatch :). I was inspired by Dave McKean at the time, so that is where the layers of textures came from on some of the portraits.

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Portrait of King Harald, King of Norway

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King Harald, King of Norway as Andy Warhol would have portraited him.

King Harald, King of Norway

Our Queen Sonja was actually portraited by Warhol in his famous polaroid-to-silkscreen-technique, and I got the idea for this image when reading a book about the artist. I thought it unfair to our king that only the Queen should be portraited. So I made this, based on the colors of one of Warhols best known portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

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Pixelpeople collage

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A collage of some of the images from my Pixelpeople series.


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