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Mallorca 2011

Autumn moments

Fotoessay: Jay-Z og Beyoncé ankommer Trondheim



Det er ikke hver dag det kommer superstjerner til Trondheim av dette kaliberet.

Late of the pier – Pstereofestivalen 2009

Took some pictures of Late of the pier for p3.no . Cool band, and even cooler fans that answered the invitation from the band to come up on stage and dance. And dance they did!


Gang of Four – Pstereofestivalen 2009

They might be old and the guitarist looks like he might kill and eat you, but they sure can rock!


Motorpsycho – Pstereofestivalen 2009

It was a joy to watch Motorpsycho live again, they don’t play very often anymore. I had hoped to hear more of their golden back catalog, but at least they played Greener, one of my favorite songs. Check out come of the pictures I took for p3.no at their concert when they played the Pstereo festival.

Motorpsycho homepage | Motorpsycho on Myspace

Thåström – Pstereofestivalen 2009

Bilder fra Pstereofestivalen 2009. Jævlig mørkt på den konserten, så
disse bildene er pushet maksimalt i Photoshop, med varierende hell.

The end is near!

Playing with Iphone photo distortions

It turns out that my new Iphone creates some very interesting “effects” if you take pictures under certain conditions. Bright light plus movement as you take the picture makes the image warp, due to how the Iphone captures the image, almost like a scanner, calling for hours of future fun (see a few of my experiments below).

Wired has written about this, check out Take Distorted and Psychedelic iPhone Photos

There are even iPhone distortions Flickr groups (thanks to Retroper for the link)

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