The end is near!

There are many prophesies predicting the end time. The bible talks about several signs that is supposed to tell if the end is near, but I prefer to look for my own: Inspired? Join the Flickr Group “Signs that the end is near” [flickr_set captions=”true” show_descriptions=”true” id=”72157621139345517″]

Playing with Iphone photo distortions

It turns out that my new Iphone creates some very interesting “effects” if you take pictures under certain conditions. Bright light plus movement as you take the picture makes the image warp, due to how the Iphone captures the image, almost like a scanner, calling for hours of future fun (see a few of my… Fortsett å lese Playing with Iphone photo distortions

I heart New York!

Girl on Staten Island Ferry (Photo: Morten Skogly)

I only had four days there, in 2006, but it is still one of my favorite cities, mostly because of the people, who are really friendly and talkative, but in a very peculiar and almost hostile way! I would love to go back, especially if I could visit someone who live there, someone who could… Fortsett å lese I heart New York!

Foto: Mina Hadjian får tatovert 1ern i 2ern

Radiovert Mina Hadjian fikk terningkast 1 for sin tv-serie på NRK, og bestemte seg for å ta en Ari Behn og få foreviget det hele i form av en tatovering. I rompesprekken. Mens hun hadde livesending på P3. Presse: VG | Nettavisen [flickr_set captions=”true” show_descriptions=”true” id=”72157604485514986″]

Portrait of King Harald, King of Norway

King Harald, King of Norway as Andy Warhol would have portraited him. Our Queen Sonja was actually portraited by Warhol in his famous polaroid-to-silkscreen-technique, and I got the idea for this image when reading a book about the artist. I thought it unfair to our king that only the Queen should be portraited. So I… Fortsett å lese Portrait of King Harald, King of Norway

Me with Billy Gould from Faith no More

Haha, a wonderful drunken polaroid picture of me and Billy Gould from Faith no More, had some beers with him the night before, truly a really great guy. Taken in Bergen when he played with Black Diamond at the Alarm award ceremony.   Someone found this image on Flickr and used it on his Wikipedia… Fortsett å lese Me with Billy Gould from Faith no More