Welcome to Repair 2.0

Ifixit.com has long been a great source of information for people looking to repair their own Apple products. But starting on 21st of april, iFixit expands its scope to all kinds of products, and will also let people add and edit new repair manuals. Along with sites such as instructables.com and Make magazine iFixit is… Fortsett å lese Welcome to Repair 2.0

Mini-diy: Homemade beads from electrical cables

I recently found about 40 meters of electrical cables in the trash at work. It’s threaded with 4-7 strands of solid core wire which I needed for a DIY project (to be revealed soon), and I ended up with quite alot of white plastic tubing that I really didn’t want to throw out. So I… Fortsett å lese Mini-diy: Homemade beads from electrical cables


Find a way to support or duplicate this! I used to skate when I was a kid, and loved it. It just brings a gigantic smile to my face seing these Afghan kids playing. Read more about it at Skateistan.org New York Times: CNN

Tiny Eco Warriors #1-5

This is a good project to do with kids. Just start gathering bits and pieces of junk in a box, or clean out a few drawers, and you soon have enough raw material to create your own little eco warrior tribe! Any material can be used. On the creature above we have a wine cork… Fortsett å lese Tiny Eco Warriors #1-5