Sleep underneath the stars

Have you ever slept outside in the wild? Without a tent or a roof to cover you, all you senses are sharpened, every little sound becomes important. It is a peculiar feeling, worth remembering. Here is my list.

I heart New York!

Girl on Staten Island Ferry (Photo: Morten Skogly)

I only had four days there, in 2006, but it is still one of my favorite cities, mostly because of the people, who are really friendly and talkative, but in a very peculiar and almost hostile way! I would love to go back, especially if I could visit someone who live there, someone who could… Fortsett å lese I heart New York!

Daniel Johnson Mural

Daniel Johnson Mural, originally uploaded by mskogly. This is so strange, I took this picture in Austin, in 2006, and today while reading about Daniel Johnson I figured out that this is his work. You can read about him and the story behind it over at wikipedia.

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