MAKE: Blog: Hacking in Iraq, Interview with Jake Appelbaum

MAKE: Blog: Hacking in Iraq, Interview with Jake Appelbaum: «I felt like it was really important to set my bias aside and start learning. I fell the the traditional one way media experience isn’t cutting it. I’m not just a consumer of information, I have things to communicate. I don’t believe everything I watch on T.V. but then again, it’s not like I’m one to sit around and watch T.V. Other people seem to do that though and what they told me about Iraq was very terrible. That most certainly I would die if I were to attempt a trip into Iraq. To take that a step further, I witnessed people having their thoughts delivered to them by their T.V., their news papers, their radio programs. Many of these people accept these broadcasts as fact without any critical thinking. Or they try to think critically about many issues when it’s all coming from the same source. And all of these programs are subject to vested interests, company bias and various forms of censorship.»

Av Morten Skogly

Creator of Things