Postapokalyptisk redesign

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Konseptet er å sy one-off applikasjoner lagd av gjenbrukstekstiler, gjerne over reklameprodukter donert fra store firma som har bestilt mer enn de trenger.

Her er noen kreasjoner.

Ugly batman christmas sweater, lagd på juleverkstedet jeg arrangerte sammen med Hackheim i 2017.

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Blowing bubbles

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Discovered the wonderful Daniel Shiffman recently, and fell in love with his beginner tutorials on p5js. What a superb educator!

Click and drag to draw more bubbles. The max number of bubbles is set to 100, so by drawing new ones you can sort of control what part of the canvas they can move. Click once on a bubble to delete it, leaving a white dot. Art by chance kind of thing.

See the Pen Blowing bubbles by Morten Skogly (@mskogly) on CodePen.

Two bubbles with hit detection. If they touch the shrink by 1

See the Pen Blowing bubbles 2 (Pappmaskin.no) by Morten Skogly (@mskogly) on CodePen.

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Dagens idé (2015-2017)

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Dagens idé: "Sprocket & Tubbs", en spinnoffserie av Miami Vice. Don Johnson ville ikke spille Crocket, så han ble erstattet ov Sprocket fra Fragglene. "Mye bedre enn orginalen", sier anmelder Birger Vestmo. :)

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Dagens idé: Hitlergym. Som jeg trodde det stod her et øyeblikk ;) Usikker på konseptet, men utrivelig blir det ihvertfall.

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Og fra kommentarfeltet: “Kalahari kalimari”, is med blekksprutsmak


Fav :)


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Ideas for Drawing machine #1

Published mai 2nd, 2018 by

My my how time flies. It’s been two years since I built my first drawing machine, a vertical pen plotter. I’ve since then built two more machines using the same hardware, but different sizes, and made over a hundred drawings and experiements. I even had a one month exibition at a tiny local cafe. Nerd goes artsy.

Currently all three machines as broken, partly from transportation, partly after an “inventors day” at Vitensenteret last year where the kids where a bit too “hands one”, if you know what I mean :) So they’ve been in the basement gathering dust, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Most of the images I’ve drawn on the machines have been based on SVG input, and quite a few have gone through Illustrators scribble effect before printing, converting filled areas into continous lines. I loved the effekt, but sort of lost my moxy. It felt that the machines should be used for something more fun than just drawing the images I gave them. At least the end result might excite ME more. Here is an example of a “scribbled” vector image:

There are so many things I want to do. I’ve been tinkering with computer generated art off and on for years, and I’ve researched complex ideas based on machine vision and artificial intelligence. One idea I’m brewing on is converting input from webcam 1 into paths, and then use machine learning to let the machine itself use webcam 2 to figure out how to control the motors to draw a result similar to input (after filtering, simplification or style transfer). I’d love to take the drawing machines in that direction, but I think I want to go back to basics a little bit first. My first drawings where simple done by giving the two stepper motors commands on rotation individually, and the patterns that came out where just lovely, flowing and organic, repeating infinitely.

Example arduino code:
void setup() /****** SETUP: RUNS ONCE ******/
stepper1.moveTo(4048); // 2048 = 1 revolution

stepper2.moveTo(-2448); // 2048 = 1 revolution minus 400 to make it asymetric asymetric

}//–(end setup )—

This is what came out when using a sponge and ink:

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Arduino + steppermotorer + svamp = kunst! #arduino #drawbot #art #diy

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Love it!

So I’m thinking of going back to exploring more random and serendipitous ideas. One direction could be a simple “random walk”, as explained in the introduction to the book “The nature of code“, by Daniel Shiffman. Alongside Conway’s Game of life, the random walk is one of the classic beginner examples in generative visual computer art.

Here is an simple example of a picture drawn by random walk-code:

I love the randomness, but also the order that comes from the fact that there are strict and simple rules to be followed. The next point on the path can only be forwards, backwards, up or down one pixel.

Go to my codepen to see the code and to generate your own.

Leave the random walk running for a while longer gave me this.

So I think I’ll try that.

Or perhaps an etch-a-sketch :)

Update: Find a route beween vertices.

See the Pen 9.9: Minimum Spanning Tree (Prim’s Algorithm) – p5.js Tutorial by Morten Skogly (@mskogly) on CodePen.

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Crackit (Blender, Photoshop)

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Testing the Crackit add-on to Blender, as a way to generate forms and shapes. See tutorial video at the bottom of this post.

This is interesting. Did the texturing in Photoshop, which spits out this fascinating mapping pattern:

Each pattern is zoomable, and I got lost in trying to find interesting forms:

Crackit tutorial:

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Photo by Sergio Russo

Project: Sculpture made from 2 million oil barrels

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(Featured photo by Sergio Russo)

Keywords: Art, oil, environmentalism, activism, civil disobedience.

Norway produces approximately 2 million barrels of oil per day, 12% of the worlds production. This project seeks financing and formal approval for building and promoting a sculpture built from the same number of used oil barrels.

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11. februar 2018

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Kosmorama inviterte til å holde gjenbruksverksted under årets filmfestival. Temaet var dinosaurer og monster. Masse unger (og voksne) var innom for å lage fine ting.

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Dinosaurverksted på Kosmokids i dag :) @kosmoramafilm

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Website “chatbot” using landbot.io (test)

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This is just a little experiment using landbot.io to recreate a BBC article chatbot* found via Niemlab.

(The free version of landbot.io lets me create 30 blocks, so there is a few pieces missing from the original bot)

* not really a chatbot, more like a multibranched scripted conversation.

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Whatever, nevermind

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Vectorized remake of the anarchy logo from the video for “Smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana.


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