Popular movies on fileshare right now

I’m tracking a rather peculiar trend these day, full feature movies on a mobile phone. There are madmen out there that like to torture themselves by watching Black Hawk Down or Alone in the Dark on their tiny mobile screens! Why the do it? Because they can! (and because its free, and because they don’t have a life, only great batterylife). File sizes are around 50mb.

Popular movies in the 3gp format the last two weeks:

The ring two
Alone in the dark 2005
Miss congeniality 2
The pacifier (Vin, what have you done!)
Magic roundabout
Layer cake
Bad santa
Black hawk down

(plus thousands of related software downloads hinting that there is more to come, and that people are making their own)

Other popular films on fileshare right now:

White noise, keeps popping up
Be cool screener
The grudge

Norwegian films
Dina – dubbed in spanish

Films that refuse to die:
Napoleon Dynamite (most search for on Yahoo!)
Spinal tap
Butterfly effect
Donnie Darko
Arizona Junior

Sin city comics

Av Morten Skogly

Creator of Things