My gear

I’m bored. I think I will make a list of some of my gear:

IBM T21 Laptop. This sucker is getting old and slow, but it does well as a surfeditburnstoreplaymp3andmovies-machine. I need something I can play new games on though.

Maxtor 200gb external harddrive. My love, my precious! I’ve had to reformat it a couple of times due to crashes that caused bad sectors etc, but it seems stable now. I found out that my wireless lan pcmcia card og usb 2.0 pcmcia didn’t work together that well. 200gb is way to small, I wanted a 250gb but they where sold out.

External +- DVD burner from. Cheap, huge, black usb2 thing, I don’t even think it has a name (no logo, I’m looking at it right now!). I had one from Phillips that doubled as a freestanding dvd player, but it sucked too bad and actually stopped burning, so I traded it in. (I hate when that happens, you have to fry 10 cds just to figure out if it the burner or the software or you that is malfuntioning). But I like it, it’s supersilent, it’s black, it has no design, it’s fast, its cheap (under 1000 NOK).

Arkon wireless headset. Huge and comfortable and cheap(about 350 NOK, that is probably not considered cheap anywhere but Norway, but that is the cheapest I could find!) and of course rechargable. I’m really pleased with this thing, the battery life and charge time is superb, it takes some serious beating, and I can pick up my Vietnamese neightbours a 100 meters down the road :)

Ipod 20 GB 4 gen. A collegue bought this for me in New York (via SMS) recently and I love it of course, but the standard headphones are useless, mother earth will punish Apple for wasting good resources on bundling such crap. I’m not especially impressed by the battery life eighter. But for some reason I really dig Itunes (with all its DRM limitations). So far it only contains legal music (!). No, this is not a strange experiment in lawfullness, rather a social experiment: I try giving my attention to podcasts and unsigned music for a while. And then some good old Faith no more in between to keep me from loosing it :)

SonyEricsson P800. No firmware upgrade eighter, buhu, but this is still a wonderful tool that lets me work wirelessly on my sites, read mail, blog photos, surf with Opera, read bloglines etc etc etc. I run ftp, jmsn, even a tiny webserver! I love the design (the p900 gunmetal look sucks), I love the tiny stylus (it will be a cold day in hell before I go back to keypressing (although the new 4gb phone from Nokia has me drooling buckets)), and I love the huge screen. Oh and by the way, my employer paid for this. Battery life sucks, the backlight is going west, the memory is to small (hello Nokia, I think I love you) and I wish it had 3G, but hey, next phone will.

Fujifilm Finepix A201 digital camera. Oldschool 2.0 megapixel camera. It sucks, but it is mine :)

AIPTEK Pocket DV 4100 Video camcorder. Pretty ok for its uses, records .asf to a 250mb flashcard (it has support for microdrive) at an ok quality. Its so cheap looking that I can (sort of) let the kids have its way with it, which means it gets a lot more use than my other miniDV camera.

More later (I’m not bored anymore :)

Av Morten Skogly

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