Ross Mayfield’s Weblog: Doug Englebart, Rebooted

Ross Mayfield’s Weblog: Doug Englebart, Rebooted: «Think for a moment about how commercialization really occurs in the Valley. We develop products for mainstream adoption and pay particular attention to market risk. One of the greater perceived risks is requiring a change of behavior on the part of users. This product risk is one of the most common reasons for a VC to say no, and in many cases for good reason — if a product actually requires people to learn how to use it, who knows if they will? Doug points out that if diffusion really worked that way we would ride tricycles instead of bicycles.

It’s not just that Doug was disruptively ahead of his time, it’s that the Valley is really engineered to produce sustaining innovations. «

Av Morten Skogly

Creator of Things