Linux and Star Trek | Linux Journal

Linux and Star Trek | Linux Journal: “Although Linux supports popular 3-D packages such as Houdini and Maya, Crow says she feels frustrated by a dearth of Linux paint packages. “There’s a depth to Photoshop that Film GIMP doesn’t have. Film GIMP isn’t mature enough.” Crow says a promising development is Amazon16, a 16-bit paint package that maker Interactive Effects is porting to Linux. Amazon has a long history on IRIX. “It was layer-based before Photoshop, supports user-defined macros, provides 3-D texture paint capabilities, and most importantly, supports HDR formats like Cineon that are critical for film work”, says Crow. “Another promising development is the 32-bit Linux paint package Photogenics by Idruna, currently in beta.” “

Av Morten Skogly

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