P3aksjonen 2010

Audience at P3aksjonen 2010. Photo: Mattis Folkestad, P3.no

Audience at P3aksjonen 2010. Photo: Mattis Folkestad, P3.no

This is the second year I work for http://p3.no/takk-for-alle-bidrag/, a charity event in Oslo consisting of 72 hours of live radio, with celebrity guests, auctions and great concerts. The event was streamed live on the web, sent on NRK3 during the night, and was of course presented on the web in the form of articles, photography and on demand video. My job was to record, edit and publish all the concerts, plus deliver video material to our other video editors (used on both web and tv). Ended up with over 3 TB of video files on disk, not counting backups. The event collected NOK 600000 which went to Flyktningehjelpen.

One of the things I like best about my job at NRK is the opportunities we get to work on a lot of different projects, like P3aksjonen. My «normal» job is usually very desk-bound, doing webdesign, web development and project management with my colleagues in Trondheim, so it’s great to get out and about a littlebit, and especially when it is for a good cause. Also got to learn more about «Programbanken» ang G3, the Omnibus-based tool for scheduling recordings and dubbing used at NRK, plus NRKs new on-demand publishing system «Guri».

Here are some of the concerts we sent:

Jaa9 og Onkl P

Vinni and the Vagabonds

Harrys Gym

Bjørn Johan Muri, live fra P3aksjonen 2010

Admiral P

Rikke Lie

Odd Nordstoga, P3aksjonen 2010

Øystein Greni, P3aksjonen 2010

Konsertene i bilder

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