Yahoo! News – Infinity Plans to Broadcast to Mobile Phones

Yahoo! News – Infinity Plans to Broadcast to Mobile Phones: » «It adds another dimension to FM radio,» said David Goodman, Infinity president, marketing. «I love the idea of everyone walking around with a portable radio that happens to make phone calls and show great pictures.»

Consumers receive the standard FM radio broadcast on their mobile phone. Simultaneously, Visual Radio sends whatever information and graphics the station wishes to the handset’s screen, delivered via the cellular network. The result is increased listener time, brand loyalty and additional revenue streams for the station, Goodman said.

Infinity will be the first U.S. broadcaster to offer Visual Radio, which already is available to listeners of Virgin Radio (U.K.), Kiss FM (Finland), MediaCorp. (Singapore), RS Promotions (Thailand) and FFH Hit Radio (Germany).»

Av Morten Skogly

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