Mapamp, remix while walking

Artist: Tamas Szaka

I like the idea of triggering different sounds depending where a person is in a space, and especially of this is done in a large outdoor arena, like a park. As you move to different positions in the park, the soundscape changes, and you litereally use your body as a dj would use his hands to remix a track.

Mapamp uses existing structures and systems (architecture of a city, navigation and radio systems) to layer an artificial acoustic space over the original one.

The participant walks the streets wearing a special vest that allows him/her to navigate through different sound data fields. These virtual spaces differ from the geographic city scape. Changing his/her position, the walker can pick up and mix the sounds, which come into connection with the architectural features of the public space: the noise of the surroundings, distant radio stations and abstract sound samples intermingle in the space, depending upon the position, direction and velocity of the visitors.

Via we make money not art: Mapamp, mix the acoustic space

Av Morten Skogly

Creator of Things