Review: Impossible to write a review at the Apple Store?

I’m a little down on Apple these days, my magsafe power supply to my macbook stopped working, or actually only works with one side up, so I did a little poking around and found out that this is a quite common problem.

The culprit is a tiny spring inside the magsafe connector, that is supposed to push the pins out again when you disconnect the powersupply, and when this fails: No power to your macbook. I seems that Apple is more than willing to replace the power supply for you, especially if you have an AppleCare agreement, so I will contact them tomorrow, but I also wanted to check what a new powersupply costs. And the price is really steap, NOK 699,- or over a hundre bucks US! Hello!

So that is when I discovered that it is impossible to write a review at the Apple Store. I wrote a short review and gave the powersupply one star, but when I tried to send it, I got a red message that states that «some of the words in the review cant be published. It also states that the review must be under 300 words. So I shortened it, and then I checked the wordcount, and got 70. I even counted the characters in case Apple got words and characters mixed up, and the number is 297. So what’s up? There is nothing in my message that is offensive, or even particularly negative, so why can’t I review it?

Try for yourself, maybe you have better luck

Magsafekontakten min sluttet plutselig å virke, fant fort ut at det var en av de må pin-ene i kontakten som hadde satt seg fast, dvs den lille fjæren inne i kontakten har falt av eller er utslitt. Laderen min er ennå ikke ett år gammel. Et søk på nettet viser at dette er et ganske vanlig problem. Laderen koster jo 700 kroner, da burde den jo være litt mer solid.

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