Nå kan du leie og kjøpe film i norske iTunes, men utvalget er lite å skryte av

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Oi, dette har jeg gledet meg veldig til! Fikk tips på Twitter i dag om at de skulle gå an å leie film via iTunes, og leita rundt i menyene for å finne frem, uten å lykkes. Nedtur! Men så var det en liten fugl som sa at man må søke etter konkrete filmer for å finne dem! Og se hva jeg fant? Masse herlig 80- og 90-tallsfilmer, som Dødelig våpen, Die Hard og Predator, og bare 29 kroner for å leie! Sweet!


Kun 704 filmer

Men utvalget i norske iTunes er ganske dårlig. Vi snakker hovedsaklig mainstream blockbusters, samt endel rett-på-dvd-utgivelser som kunne crackrøykende amerikanere kan sette pris på. Det er lite å sette tennene i for folk som virkelig liker å grave seg ned i filmhistorien. Du får det samme utvalget som du får i de fleste andre kommersielle videoløsninger på nettet, og knapt det. Er du glad i å se film så har du mest sannsynlig sett det meste her allerede.

2010-tallet: 89 filmer
2000-talle:t 363 filmer
1990-tallet: 155 filmer
1980-tallet: 42 filmer
1970-tallet: 20 filmer
1960-tallet: 24 filmer
1950-tallet: 5 filmer
1940-tallet: 4 filmer
1930-tallet: 2 filmer

Et søk etter min favorittskuespillerinne, Marisa Tomei (voff voff). Litt skuffende at det bare er tre filmer, og at The Wrestler mangler.

Tester et søk etter The Wire, desverre ingen treff. Går ut fra at det kun er filmer som er tilgjengelig, ikke tv-serier. Fint at man kan klikke på navnene til skuespillerne og få opp filmene de spiller i.



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5 iPad apps I’m looking forward to

Published mars 29th, 2010 by

Carters Encyclopaedia of Health and Medicine

Why: Great for factloving hypocondriacs! Find new and scary things that might be wrong with you.

Comixologys Apple iPad App For Reading Comics

Why: Because reading comicbooks on paper in public when you are an adult is plain embarrassing! But on the iPad everyone will think I’m finetuning my keynotes presentation. :)

Wired iTablet Concept App
Why: This is just a concept, but recreating magazines in all their glory will be a great way to rekindle (no pun intented) myinterest in glossy magazines. I recently stopped by subsription to Wired and Computer arts, not because I don’t like them, but because they kill trees and spew co2 under transport. Buying magazines on paper is completely insane, but I think the iPad will do a good job at recreating the experience of holding and reading a print magazine.

Apple Tablet PC for IKEA?
Why: No, I am not homosexual. But I am appalled at the energy used and waste generated by distributing unwanted paper catalogs to consumers each year. Our household received hundreds of pounds of garbage each year, and I would love to see a more intelligent way to assemble information about available products and services in useful and entertaining ways. And who knows, maybe advertisers could pay US instead we paying to have their trash hauled away?

CourseSmart Tablet Concept
Why: Because textbooks are just so 1999. This CourseSmart Concept is not the best designed app, but I do believe in an integrated, sexy, multimediarich e-learning environment where you also can buy access to new modules as you need them. Apples apps with their low prices are great gateway drugs in the sense that they help people who are still sceptical about buying content online check things out on products that costs next to nothing, and when they first have gotten over the hurdle of buying that lolkittens app for a dollar, the step to buying an elearning app or module about the intricacies of Heideggers philosophies will be that much easier. Or not :)

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DIY: How-to repair a broken iPhone 3G glass front panel for about $24

Published september 11th, 2009 by

meg med knust iphone

Want to find out how to repair / replace the glass front panel on your broken iPhone 3G? Read my complete tutorial to learn how.


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Review: Impossible to write a review at the Apple Store?

Published september 16th, 2007 by

I’m a little down on Apple these days, my magsafe power supply to my macbook stopped working, or actually only works with one side up, so I did a little poking around and found out that this is a quite common problem.

The culprit is a tiny spring inside the magsafe connector, that is supposed to push the pins out again when you disconnect the powersupply, and when this fails: No power to your macbook. I seems that Apple is more than willing to replace the power supply for you, especially if you have an AppleCare agreement, so I will contact them tomorrow, but I also wanted to check what a new powersupply costs. And the price is really steap, NOK 699,- or over a hundre bucks US! Hello!

So that is when I discovered that it is impossible to write a review at the Apple Store. I wrote a short review and gave the powersupply one star, but when I tried to send it, I got a red message that states that “some of the words in the review cant be published. It also states that the review must be under 300 words. So I shortened it, and then I checked the wordcount, and got 70. I even counted the characters in case Apple got words and characters mixed up, and the number is 297. So what’s up? There is nothing in my message that is offensive, or even particularly negative, so why can’t I review it?

Try for yourself, maybe you have better luck

Magsafekontakten min sluttet plutselig å virke, fant fort ut at det var en av de må pin-ene i kontakten som hadde satt seg fast, dvs den lille fjæren inne i kontakten har falt av eller er utslitt. Laderen min er ennå ikke ett år gammel. Et søk på nettet viser at dette er et ganske vanlig problem. Laderen koster jo 700 kroner, da burde den jo være litt mer solid.

Apple store, Magsafe power supply

More about the MagSafes shortcomings.

Two random tools to count words and characters.

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Mac leads to better hygiene

Published mars 9th, 2007 by

Mac leads to better hygiene, originally uploaded by mskogly.

Ok, I am officially ashamed. What you see here is potatochips, dip, chopsticks and a Macbook. So what’s the story here? Well, when I first got my Mac I must have washed my hands every single time I touched something else that might have made my fingers greasy, because I was afraid my Mac would get smudged. Now, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am not the only one being anal about this, I would never have admitted something as silly as this, but I still feel like a turd, you know, in a global perspective, starving children as a starc opposite.

So, have you understood the role of the chopsticks? I’ll spell it out for you: I use the chopsticks to pick up the potato chips and dip them in the Holiday Mix, so I can combine eating junkfood with keeping my Mac clean!

I’m going to hell for this!

So that is my theory: Having a Mac, a black Ipod, or an Iphone for that matter, will cause you to wash your hands like a madman.

Update 02.02.2008:

Cool: NRKbeta writes about this post (in norwegian)

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Open source design – Vector Apple vs Pear logo

Published februar 26th, 2007 by


I made a new header for my blog today, and I just wanted to share a few vector files for those interested in using it, or whatever.

The logo is, as you can see, based on the apple logo (duh!), but I changed it into a pear, and made the BITE larger. Why? Because I like pears. A lot! :)

The files:

pear-logo2.ai (for adobe illustrator)
pear-logo.fla (for adobe flash)


I’m using Adobe Flash more and more for pure design work, most of the sites I create are flash based, so I usually just start prototyping in Flash, not in Photoshop like most. I still use Photoshop exstensively of course, but very seldom for creating dummy layouts, it is just faster to do it in Flash. I suppose it’s a matter of preference, most designers will use Illustrator for creating their work, but since I work web and flash, using Illustrator just slows me down, it’s another tool to buy and learn, that doesn’t add much value compared to Flash and Photoshop. For my use that is.


Use it for whatever you want. :) I don’t mind (but Apple might.) But please drop me a line if you use it. Make my day!

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iTunes adds podcast directory

Published juni 29th, 2005 by

Oh my, this is kind of a big thing. iTunes have finally gotten around to building a podcast downloader into their fine software. This will give a big boost to the popularity of podcasting. Hats off everyone, glad to get rid of ipodder (house of wax version) og doppler.

Blabla: “Apple – iTunes – Podcasts Directory: “Try this on the Internet: Search through thousands of podcasts, find a few that really speak to you, then devise a way to collect every single episode. In minutes. Or you could just visit the iTunes Podcast Directory. Find free podcasts from everywhere, all in one place.”

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Apple & spaghetti sculpture

Published april 12th, 2005 by

My son Noah made this piece of apple+spaghetti art when he was three years old. I chose to interpret it as a comment on the fall of man and the expulsion from the garden of Eden.

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Can you have too much ease-of-use?

Published april 3rd, 2005 by

Photo: Snooze, from Flickr (CC)

Stipping things down to the bare minimum is Apples mantra. But isn’t easy equal to boring? Excerpt from an interesting article on the subject:

Think about it… skiing, dancing, chess, photography, flying, dressage, gardening, dog training, environmental activism, religion… when people are into any of those things passionately (as opposed to casually supportive), they keep wanting to get better! People who are passionate always have an opportunity (which they grab) to keep improving. To keep learning more. To improve their skills and knowledge about whatever it is they love so much. They read and they practice.

So if what you offer doesn’t have any challenges associated with it, and things for which people can continually learn and improve, you’ll have a harder time getting people passionate about it.

Read more on Creating Passionate Users: Can you have too much ease-of-use?

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