5 iPad apps I’m looking forward to

Carters Encyclopaedia of Health and Medicine

Why: Great for factloving hypocondriacs! Find new and scary things that might be wrong with you.

Comixologys Apple iPad App For Reading Comics

Why: Because reading comicbooks on paper in public when you are an adult is plain embarrassing! But on the iPad everyone will think I’m finetuning my keynotes presentation. :)

Wired iTablet Concept App
Why: This is just a concept, but recreating magazines in all their glory will be a great way to rekindle (no pun intented) myinterest in glossy magazines. I recently stopped by subsription to Wired and Computer arts, not because I don’t like them, but because they kill trees and spew co2 under transport. Buying magazines on paper is completely insane, but I think the iPad will do a good job at recreating the experience of holding and reading a print magazine.

Apple Tablet PC for IKEA?
Why: No, I am not homosexual. But I am appalled at the energy used and waste generated by distributing unwanted paper catalogs to consumers each year. Our household received hundreds of pounds of garbage each year, and I would love to see a more intelligent way to assemble information about available products and services in useful and entertaining ways. And who knows, maybe advertisers could pay US instead we paying to have their trash hauled away?

CourseSmart Tablet Concept
Why: Because textbooks are just so 1999. This CourseSmart Concept is not the best designed app, but I do believe in an integrated, sexy, multimediarich e-learning environment where you also can buy access to new modules as you need them. Apples apps with their low prices are great gateway drugs in the sense that they help people who are still sceptical about buying content online check things out on products that costs next to nothing, and when they first have gotten over the hurdle of buying that lolkittens app for a dollar, the step to buying an elearning app or module about the intricacies of Heideggers philosophies will be that much easier. Or not :)

Av Morten Skogly

Creator of Things