The Sputnik hand powered shaving machine

For the man who has everything, and / or likes pain!

I bought this «Sputnik» hand cranked shaving machine at a flea-market in Russia many years ago. Love the estetics of it, but when it comes to practicality I would place it down there with monkey polish (if monkey polish exists). I’ve actually tried this little monster (once), and it felt exactly like pulling out my facial hairs one by one with a pair of tweezers, only faster. Not something I would normally recommend. :)

But big points for being environmentally friendly, as all you need to make it run is a pair of hands. And courage.

And the estetics of the device itself and of the packaging is also well worth the investment. It must be from the fifties or perhaps sixties and the name is probably from the Russian Sputnic Space program, but not necceccarily, as «Sputnik» can literally mean»co-traveler», «traveling companion» as well as «satellite».

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Av Morten Skogly

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