Found: Repair parts for the iPhone 4

iPhone 4 - where form meets function. And duct tape.

iPhone 4 – where form meets function. And duct tape. by jronaldlee, on Flickr

A while back I made a very popular repair tutorial for the iPhone 3, showing how to replace the glass front panel/digitizer. I recently got some questions from someone who had broken the screen on their brand spanking new iPhone 4, so I’m in the process of doing a little research to see if I can help.

On the iPhone 3, it’s super easy to separate the LCD and the digitizer/glass front panel, saving you alot of money if your LCD is still functioning.

But on the iPhone 4 the front glass panel/digitizer is glued onto the LCD, like it was on the first version of the iPhone. There seems to be a scam going on with people selling the glass and the LCD separately, so make sure you buy a finished screen-assembly (btw, still researching this).

And in addition to that, it looks like an absolute bitch to get the screen out, as can be seen in this teardown and screen replacement video from the lovely dudes at

Research: Links to spare parts for the iPhone 4

Disclaimer: I haven’t tested any of these yet, so I can’t personally recommend them.

iPhone 4 Replacement Screen with LCD & Touch Panel, from DirectFix (please tell me if you can find this cheaper!)

Aluminium middle plate for iPhone 4
1420mAh battery for iPhone 4
Home Button Ribbon Cable Module for iPhone 4
iPhone 4 Replacement Earphone Jack Module
Metal Backside Cover for iPhone 4 (uncertain if this will fit, but sounds smart to put a metal plate on the phone instead of glass).

Buying the parts for the screen separately

(Not recommended!)

iPhone 4 Replacement LCD Screen Module
Replacement touch screen/digitizer (Warning: not advisable to buy this separately)

That’s what I’ve found for now, I’m sure the prices will fall rapidly over the next year so give me a heads up if you find better deals.


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