Music thing: Peter Jackson’s $100,000 robot band

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Peter Jackson enjoying his music thingMusic thing: Peter Jackson’s $100,000 robot band: If you’ve ever wondered where the ‘Lord of the Rings’ millions went, Ragtime Automated Music is the answer.

Peter Jackson bought a LB-BGJ, a cabinet which contains a full drum kit, a piano, and accordian, 24 organ pipes, a guitar, a bango and an electric bass. All connected to MIDI, controlled through a touch-screen interface on the front. He bought it ‘as a Christmas present for his wife’. It costs him $99,975.

Via musicthing.blogspot.com

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MAKE: Blog: Nintendo controllers as musical instruments

Published april 21st, 2005 by


MAKE: Blog: Nintendo controllers as musical instruments: “Jeff Hoefs is doing some really amazing hacks and mods with Nintendo controllers. He’s made PowerPad midi keyboards, PowerGlove music controllers and Nintendo Uforce controllers to create music. All at once too! He sent this overview in of what’s what he’s up to, along with some great photos of the mods in action!”

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