Impatient TV viewers turn to BitTorrent

«If TV companies were to offer episodes for download at a small cost at the same time as they air offline they could generate revenue in the same way that Apple’s iTunes does. However, they must be aware of the dangers of losing their core audience to a delivery method that is free, unregulated and open to anyone with an internet connection,» Coppin said.

While there are no accurate Australian BitTorrent usage figures, anecdotal evidence and reports from online forums suggest that Australians are downloading TV programmes in large quantities. Australians are also uploading programs like My Restaurant Rules and Rove,’ he added.

A previous survey released by Web monitoring company Envisional found Australia as the second largest downloader of online pirated TV programmes in the world (15.6 percent), second to the United Kingdom (18.5 percent) and ahead of the US (7.3 percent).”
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Then how about putting some ads on those downloads so it will still be free? Thats all it takes. I would gladly ignore an ad if it ment I wouldn’t have to be paranoid about downloading illegally. Maybe :)

Impatient TV viewers turn to BitTorrent: ZDNet Australia: News: Communications

Av Morten Skogly

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