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The Pirate Bay – The first state sponsored tracker!


The winner of The Top Candidates, a swedish television show aired on SVT, decides to donate his winnings to Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay – The worlds largest BitTorrent tracker:

The First State Financed Tracker

So, finally SVT payed up, and the money from Petter’s win at The Top Candidates has found it’s way home.

Obviously SVT didn’t like it that the winner decided to donate his money to two pretty controversial organizations.

One of them The Pirate Bay and, especially, the other “The Invicible Party”, which you’ve probably heard about in the news if you’re a swede.

So they decided to give the money to Petter himself instead, which also makes him have to pay taxes for it, leaving us with only $4 656 USD (35 000 SEK).

As we’ve written earlier, the money went to a new database and search server. We’re also trying to cut down on the advertisements.

Oh, by the way, SVT is Sweden’s public service tv station, so I guess this makes us the first state financed tracker. Pretty cool, huh?


Public Domain Movie Torrents with Ipod video PDA versions and other exellent Ipod video sources

The Gorilla

What a sweet service! Movies in the public domain available as torrents. They, or he, rather, recently started putting up sweet weet mpeg4 for ipod (H.264). Alot of cool stuff, like old cartoons and kitchy martial arts movies. I’m being weird trying to keep all the content on my ipod legit (my old 20 gb version only contains legal music, my own stuff, unsigned bands, and loads of podcasts), and I want to do the same with my new 60 video Ipod, and this seem like a good source.

Please support it any way you can, they seem to be getting a tiny bit of buzz and increased server traffic (so seed a few why don’t ya)

I got it just a few days ago and have been to busy to look for good ipod compatible video content, but I’ll try to share a few of them through del.icio.us.


If you know of any other good ones, feel free to plug it in the comments.

Public Domain Movie Torrents with PDA versions:

Public Domain Torrents

(updated weekly!)

Classic Movies and B-Movies Movies For FREE!


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Impatient TV viewers turn to BitTorrent

“If TV companies were to offer episodes for download at a small cost at the same time as they air offline they could generate revenue in the same way that Apple’s iTunes does. However, they must be aware of the dangers of losing their core audience to a delivery method that is free, unregulated and open to anyone with an internet connection,” Coppin said.

While there are no accurate Australian BitTorrent usage figures, anecdotal evidence and reports from online forums suggest that Australians are downloading TV programmes in large quantities. Australians are also uploading programs like My Restaurant Rules and Rove,’ he added.

A previous survey released by Web monitoring company Envisional found Australia as the second largest downloader of online pirated TV programmes in the world (15.6 percent), second to the United Kingdom (18.5 percent) and ahead of the US (7.3 percent).”
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Then how about putting some ads on those downloads so it will still be free? Thats all it takes. I would gladly ignore an ad if it ment I wouldn’t have to be paranoid about downloading illegally. Maybe :)

Impatient TV viewers turn to BitTorrent: ZDNet Australia: News: Communications


SxSW puts 2.6 GB of music online for 2005 conference

SXSW did something truly groundbreaking for their 2005 conference, when picked on song from each of the hundreds of bands performing at the festival online, and distributed it them with BitTorrent. If you have ever, like me, worked with clearing content from bands for online publishing, you can appreciate the amount of work this must taken!

And what a perfect music feast it is! Hundreds of songs, free and clear as mp3s. Great for us, and great for the bands I’m sure.