Sleep underneath the stars

Have you ever slept outside in the wild? Without a tent or a roof to cover you, all you senses are sharpened, every little sound becomes important. It is a peculiar feeling, worth remembering. Here is my list over all the times I have slept underneath the stars.
Starry Night

1. In an orange grove in Greece with Silje. It was too hot inside our tiny tent. When we woke up the next morning there where oranges on the ground all around us, fallen from the trees during the night. Fresh and free orange Juice, Yum! Strange that none of the oranges fell on us.

2. Under a tree outside the railway station in the middle of Ancona, Italy, with a knife in reach under my curled up jacket. Scary place.

3. On snow on a reindeer pelt outside Mo i Rana. Drunk. Just wanted to try. Had to give up after 4 hours. Freezing!

4. On a beach with Silje in Saint-Sean-de-luz, France, because we couldn’t find a place to stay, but after stuffing ourselves with a ton of seafood and white wine!

5. On a mountaintop with four friends connecting all out sleeping bags together. The summers in Norway are amazing, no night, daylight 24/7.

6. Under a pine on a camping site in Lagos (or perhaps Sagres?), Portugal, feeling a little self conscious (it was, after all, a camping ground). But long haired brethren all around, so no stress.

7. On the lava rocks just outside Cascais, close to Lisboa, Portugal, with two cool germans I met, waking up to the sound of waves crashing and to a blistering day of swimming and being foolish, jumping from cliffs.

8. In the woodland behind my parents garage in my teens, passed out on stolen homemade wine and green something from my fathers bar cabinet, waking at noon not knowing where I was.

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