If I was anything other than human

I’m nothing without your touch, my love
I’m nothing without your kiss
To spend each night in your arms, my flower
is man’s idea of bliss
To not hear your voice each day
is to die seven times by God’s wrath.
If I was anything other than human
I’d want to be the water in your bath.

Prince, from the movie Under the cherry moon

And, yes, I used to be a hopeless romantic!

if i was anything other than human

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31 movies in 31 days (January 2009)

Unknown Last year I made an attempt at watching 365 movies in a year (and failed!) This year I’m trying a little trick to not fall behind, and so far it’s going pretty good, I have one day and one movie left to go to fill my “january movie quota”. Below you can see the complete list, including silly comments, funny quotes and ratings. A few movies bombed totally, but there where a few gems…


FAIL: Watch 365 movies in a year!

Dead men dont wear plaid

OK, so I didn’t make it. Boo hoo. I love watching movies, and I had an “ambition” of seeing 365 movies in 2008. I didn’t even come close. As the clock reached twelve and the new year arrived, I had only seen 185 movies.

Here is the list, all rated and commented :)

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Sleep underneath the stars

Have you ever slept outside in the wild? Without a tent or a roof to cover you, all you senses are sharpened, every little sound becomes important. It is a peculiar feeling, worth remembering. Here is my list over all the times I have slept underneath the stars.
Starry Night

1. In an orange grove in Greece with Silje. It was too hot inside our tiny tent. When we woke up the next morning there where oranges on the ground all around us, fallen from the trees during the night. Fresh and free orange Juice, Yum! Strange that none of the oranges fell on us.

2. Under a tree outside the railway station in the middle of Ancona, Italy, with a knife in reach under my curled up jacket. Scary place.

3. On snow on a reindeer pelt outside Mo i Rana. Drunk. Just wanted to try. Had to give up after 4 hours. Freezing!

4. On a beach with Silje in Saint-Sean-de-luz, France, because we couldn’t find a place to stay, but after stuffing ourselves with a ton of seafood and white wine!

5. On a mountaintop with four friends connecting all out sleeping bags together. The summers in Norway are amazing, no night, daylight 24/7.

6. Under a pine on a camping site in Lagos (or perhaps Sagres?), Portugal, feeling a little self conscious (it was, after all, a camping ground). But long haired brethren all around, so no stress.

7. On the lava rocks just outside Cascais, close to Lisboa, Portugal, with two cool germans I met, waking up to the sound of waves crashing and to a blistering day of swimming and being foolish, jumping from cliffs.

8. In the woodland behind my parents garage in my teens, passed out on stolen homemade wine and green something from my fathers bar cabinet, waking at noon not knowing where I was.

Orignally posted on 43things.com


Discarded ideas 02.04.2008

Discarded ideas 02.04.2008, originally uploaded by mskogly.

What defines whether an idea is good or not? Which one is realized, which one dies? Ideas are plentyful, but time is limited. So how does one choose what to focus on?

How about leaving it to chance.

My son Leo (4 years old) decided to go through my idea-box (the golden box in the picture above) and do some heavy handed editing! Each note in the box has one idea written down on it.

Here are some of the ideas he crumpled with his teeny tiny hands:

1. A 100-mile gallery, inspired by the 100 mile diet, to only display works from artists living within a 100 mile radius. I thought it was a great idea, but the toddler does not agree. I also like the idea of the 100 mile suit, as a concept for a local clothing store. Perhaps one could put all three together?

2. Falu-korv shaped like the Batman symbol. I was sure this would be an instant hit with the kids! Oh well.

3. A magnetic dinner plate for children. By placing a powerful magnet underneath the table it is harder for a child to up-end it, or even move it. If you have children you know why this would be a great idea! Edit 31.05.2018: Let’s google “magnetic dinner plate” ten years later. It is a thing!

4. Thing library. A very old idea of mine, that has been implemented in many libraries all over the world, but I still want to create a local one. I had a web based personal thing library for a while, it is still online, but not really updated. Edit 31.05.2018: The city of Trondheim got it’s first library of things in 2017.

5. An anthology of poetry, short stories and images with an “Outdoors” theme. You know, nature. Working title: “Outside”.

6. A website for giving yourself carbon credits and a better environmental conscience. There are plenty of carbon calculators out there, but they all seem to focus on how much you suck. I want to create one that shows how good you are. Actions that gives you free carbon credits are borrowing things from friends or libraries, recycling, not buying something new when you could or wanted to, buying something used instead of new, buying something green instead of not, buying something local instead of imported, doing nothing at all, using energy saving appliances instead, etc. You could still buy carbon credits if you absolutely wanted to, but is is far better if you give them to yourself as a reward for being green. Perhaps you could even sell them, or simply give them to a friend who has to travel somewhere. Edit 31.05.2018: Last year I started on a spreadsheet with numbers for different tasks. Did you know that if you DON’t order a Koala from Australia, you will save around 4 metric tons of CO2e? :)

7. A permanent flea market in my area. There are a few overpriced second hand stores in my city, and a few one-day flea markets, but there should be something more permanent, like in Amsterdam, New York or London, a big thriving mess of a market where people could sell or swap their stuff.

8. A cute sketch for a “family crest”. Forest + Beach

9. A way to make a “Hotweels track” for my kids using recycled materials. My kids love playing with them, but they are super expensive and not environmentally friendly to make, but if there was a locally prodused and cheaper alternative created with recycled materials I would buy 50 meters and let the kids go wild. No reason why it is should be so expensive, its just plastic!

10. Hiring myself out to people who need to develop new ideas.

So what to you think, do you agree with Leo that these ideas should be “canned”?


Update, 7th of february 2009: This photo is published under a Creative Commons Attribution lisence on flickr (as are all my pictures). It was recently used by communicatrix.com as illustration. Respect! :)