Timelope takes lifestreaming to a new level!

First off I just want to say that I think this is probably NOT a very good idea, but I downloaded the Timelope extension for firefox today, that basically publishes every single webpage you visit to timelope.com and as an rss. Smart? No, maybe not, but kind of fun! Whyyy! Some people would probably say… Fortsett å lese Timelope takes lifestreaming to a new level!

Hilton ‘House’ waxing high-tech

Hilton ‘House’ waxing high-tech: «Paris Hilton has had some ill-fated encounters with technology as evidenced by her T-Mobile Sidekick and digital video incidents, but she’s still keen to try the latest thing. The multimedia starlet has agreed to podcast about her social and press events in the buildup to the May 6 release of her… Fortsett å lese Hilton ‘House’ waxing high-tech