I had a “religious period” when I was 17/18 and read alot of different texts, the old and new testament, and loads of books on buddhism, hinduism, bahai, etc. I was living in the US at the time, in 1990/1991, and it was a time of pretty violent imagery on CNN and in the news papers, with the first Iraqi invation going on, so I suppose I was trying to figure out the meaning of it all, and like every other kid: My role in it all. I also borrowed a few books on Taoism from my school library, and for some reason it resonated with me. I read til I felt I understood the concepts, the prinsiples of the universe trying to find a balance in everything.

A while later I got my first and last tattoo, a Yin-Yang symbol on my solar plexus (placed on one of the chakras, and a quite painful place to get a tattoo, I found out then and there and was told later :). But tt felt good, it felt like I had completed something important. I suppose I could have chosen a sligtly less cheesy symbol, lets face it, the Yin and Yang is a pretty used up symbol, but for me, at that time, it made perfect sense, a permanent reminder, a portable, compact philosophical ruleset branded into me.

Now, I seldom think about it, I usually forget that it is there, but if life is hard there is a sentence I repeat, that sums up Taoism pretty good:

After rain comes shine.

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The pope really DOES look like Darth Vader

The first time I saw the new pope I thought to my self: Darn, doesn’t he look just like Darth Vader in the scene where Luke helps him take off his helmet?

And then the next day, what arrives in my inbox?

Not only does he look like Darth Vader, he even looks like the evil emperor! This can’t be a coinsidence?


Brick Testament – The Spies and the Prostitute

The Brick Testament

Joshua 2:1
And they spent the night there.