Bahrain World Trade Centre

Three wind turbine blades have been successfully installed on the Bahrain World Trade Center, a twin skyscraper complex. This is the first time that a commercial development has integrated large-scale wind turbines within its design to harness the power of the wind. The three massive turbines, measuring 29 meters in diameter, are supported by bridges spanning between the complex’s two towers. Through its positioning and the unique aerodynamic design of the towers, the prevailing on-shore Gulf breeze is funneled into the path of the turbines, helping to create power generation efficiency.

Once operational, the wind turbines will deliver approximately 11-15% of the energy needs of the building, or 1100 to 1300 megawatt-hours per year — enough to provide light in 300 homes for over a year.

Via Treehugger.

Activism Greener

Green green water

Quote: “You can’t seperate the people from the environment”.

The documentary film Green Green Water follows U.S. consumer, Dawn Mikkelson, as she traces the source of her ‘green energy’ back to the displacement of the indigenous Cree and Metis in Northern Manitoba.

Interview with filmmaker Dawn Mikkelson, with a few outtakes from the movie.

Green green water started as a vlog and was then edited together as a documentary film about hydroelectric power and its impact on the lives of thousands of Aboriginal people in northern Manitoba. This power is then sold to U.S. utilities companies and passed on to their customers.

This is a story about power…power from hydroelectric dams…the power to destroy an ancient culture…the power of big money…the power of Indigenous people who refuse to be powerless in their struggle to survive…and the power of activism.

You can order the DVD from www.greengreenwater.com

Update 25. april 2009:
One interesting aspect of this movie is the fact that Manitoba Hydro, responsible for the dam, launched a countermeasure-campaign after the release of the documentary. You can read about it here and on http://www.greengreenwaterbiased.com/