House of the Century 1972

This video showcases the «House of the Century» project designed and built by Richard Jost and Ant Farm, completed in 1972 near Angleton, Texas. The ferrocement residence received an award citation from Progressive Architecture in 1973. The Mojo Relic More about the house (warning: the audio is pretty bad) House of the Century Construction (1972)… Fortsett å lese House of the Century 1972


The ScrapHouse was a unique example of reuse in the greatest sense of the term. An array of materials–collected from salvage yards, dumps, or collected from waste piles at active construction sites–was temporarily transformed into an one-bedroom demonstration house. Scraphouse demonstrates that materials that are thrown away, or considered to be junk, still have an… Fortsett å lese ScrapHouse

Bahrain World Trade Centre

Three wind turbine blades have been successfully installed on the Bahrain World Trade Center, a twin skyscraper complex. This is the first time that a commercial development has integrated large-scale wind turbines within its design to harness the power of the wind. The three massive turbines, measuring 29 meters in diameter, are supported by bridges… Fortsett å lese Bahrain World Trade Centre