Tiny Eco Warriors #1-5

Upcycled tyke # 4 : Elton

This is a good project to do with kids. Just start gathering bits and pieces of junk in a box, or clean out a few drawers, and you soon have enough raw material to create your own little eco warrior tribe!

Any material can be used. On the creature above we have a wine cork body, milk bottle cap feet, Elton John glasses made from a piece of balsa from a broken 3d puzzle, some feathers, a thumbtack nose, and eyes made from nuts. Oh, and the mouth was cut from a newspaper.

Eco warrior # 1 : The bush queen
Upcycled tyke # 1 : The bush queen
Wine bottle cork, newspaper cutout, and a green bushy thingy from some abandoned toy set, fastened to the middle of her forehead with a blue thumbtack.

Eco warrior # 2 : Brown beret
Upcycled tyke # 2 : Brown beret
Wine cork on a white plastic screwtop base (my son brought back a bunch from school). The eyes are from an old set of winter tires, the nose is a blue thumbtack, which matches the sexy brown hat, made from a button.

Eco warrior # 3 : Spirehead
Upcycled tyke # 3 : Spirehead
The head and hat is in one piece, what luck! On its head there is a small spire, made from a twisted piece of metal I found on a beach many years ago, in Barcelona I think. The mouth is the same as on many of these creatures, and actually belongs to one of my bosses at NRK, Bjørn Stuevold, and was cut from a newspaper article in Adressa. The eyes are screws from a mechano playset.

Eco warrior # 3 : Spirehead (closeup)
Upcycled tyke # 3 : Spirehead (closeup)
Such a personality. The arms and legs are, as you might notice, made from those clamps you use to fasten electrical wires to the wall. I had a bunch of those left over, and put them to good use.

Eco warrior # 4 : Elton
Upcycled tyke # 4 : Elton
The glasses are from a balsa toy model car long since broken into a billion pieces and scattered to the wind.

I believe this one is very gay, but that’s ok :)

Eco warrior # 5 : Fido
Upcycled tyke # 5 : Fido
I love the ears on this little bugger, made from an old wall frame I believe. They had the perfect shape. The tail didn’t quite want to stay up they way I wanted.

Eco warrior # 5 : Fido (closeup)
Upcycled tyke # 5 : Fido (closeup)
With a face only a mother could love.

Inspired by Audreybots:

Av Morten Skogly

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  1. now I regret that I threw away a small, flat fake diamond, two coins from Norway and Croatia and a thing that I couldn't recognice yesterday.

  2. Never throw anything away, that is my motto : ) You never know when you might need your old crap. But it helps to have a large house to store it in!

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