DIY: My first «acoustic laptop»

A picture of my first experiment with creating an acoustic laptop, which basically is miked wooden box with a interesting soundgenerating objects inside. Really easy to make, all you need is a piezo element (you’ll find them in those cheap birtdaycards that play music, or you can order them online. The piezo element is soldered… Fortsett å lese DIY: My first «acoustic laptop»

DIY: The WEALTH AUTOPORTABLE homemade Ipod dock!

I came across a cool tutorial over at Instructables yesterday, for using an old AM/FM radio as an amplifier for your ipod or other portable audio device, and decided to give it a whirl. So this is the old radio I will use: Cool huh! It came with the house when we bought it from… Fortsett å lese DIY: The WEALTH AUTOPORTABLE homemade Ipod dock!

New mixtape feature on Urø

We are doing a soft launch of a new feature on Norwegian music demo site Urø ( for those lacking ÆØÅ), namely the option to create you own mixtapes. Each mixtape can contain 20 songs, selected from the over 57000 unsigned mp3s uploaded by the 22000 bands on the site, and you can share it… Fortsett å lese New mixtape feature on Urø