Farmville is the shit!

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If you are on Facebook you have probably seen the annoying messages from your friends who’ve just found a deer in their cabbage patch. Actually, chances are high that you ARE that friend, because according to this screenshot, Farmville is played by over 82 million users.

I have only one thing to say about that: What the fuck!

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Stortingsvalget 2009 – slik dekkes valg-kvelden på nett

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Oppdatering: Du finner nå en litt strammere versjon av denne artikkelen på NRKbeta.

For webdesignere og utviklere er Stortingsvalget bestandig en spesiell kveld. Det er da de store mediehusene pleier å vise seg fra sin beste side. Forsidene er nystrigla, serverne nyboota, og man har brukt sine beste folk til å planlegge og lage nye fine tjenester for å vise info-porn (aka valgresultater som Geir Heljesen liker å kalle det) til sitt publikum. Valgkvelden er på mange måter selve ild-dåpen for en nett-redaksjon og det er bestandig spennende å se hva folk leverer.

Jeg var også spent på å se hvordan sosiale medier ble brukt rundt omkring. Var det noen som fikk til noe like stilig som det CNN leverte i forbindelse med USA-valget?

Målet mitt med kvelden var å fange så mange skjermbilder som mulig, og skrive litt om hver tjeneste, til bruk som referanse ved neste valg, og til allmenn glede for alle web- og valg-interesserte.

Bruk av sosiale medier i valgkampen

Dette var definitivt ild-dåpen til de sosiale mediene i valgsammenheng. De fleste partier hadde gode strategier på bruk av Facebook, Twitter og YouTube, men spesielt Arbeiderpartiet tok Twitter seriøst, og bortimot tvangsinnmeldte “alle” sine medlemmer. Noe som ble litt småslitsomt for alle oss Twitter-veteraner etterhvert, men som tydeligvis ga uttelling. Jens Stoltenberg skrøt av sine partifeller på valgvaken og sa at de hadde gjort en fabelaktig innsats på “gamlemåten”, dvs dele ut roser og gå dør til dør, men så sa han følgende.

“Vi vant valgkampen på nett” – Jens Stoltenberg

Og det tror jeg han har litt rett i. SV gjorde også mye riktig på nett, men de konsentrerte seg om sine egne nettsider og på bruken av Youtube, men de var bortimot usynlige på Twitter, og sendte dermed et signal om at de ikke tar velgerne sine seriøst. Jeg så heller ikke mye til de andre partiene på Twitter, kanskje med unntak av Høyre. Miljøpartiet de Grønne hadde også tilstedeværelse på Twitter.

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New mixtape feature on Urørt.no

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We are doing a soft launch of a new feature on Norwegian music demo site Urørt.no (nrk.no/urort for those lacking ÆØÅ), namely the option to create you own mixtapes. Each mixtape can contain 20 songs, selected from the over 57000 unsigned mp3s uploaded by the 22000 bands on the site, and you can share it with friends by sending them to Urørt, or by embedding the player in your own website, like this:

Gå til Urørt for å lage din egen miksteip

A while back we also took the time to contact facebook to have them add our domain nrk.no to their Share Partner program, which was necessary to be able to automatically embed flash in their site, when you use the facebook share feature.

Oh, and every mixtape also comes in the form of a podcast rss so you don’t have to manually download each track if you want to keep all the songs on your harddrive or you ipod.

So if you are like new music and like showing it off, then head on over and create an account.

ur�iksteip screenshot

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Is facebook dying?

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Are you tired of Facebook?

Mouthing off
photo credit: borrowed time | demi-brooke

The Facebook apps, like the infamous “Funwall” are a real pain, and I have started to remove, block or turn off email alerts on all of them.

I do believe that Facebook needs to do something drastic about the third party apps though, like turning off email alerts for all of them (and letting whomever wants it to turn it back on manually) to avoid users tuning out because of Facebook fatique, but I also pray that my contacts will find it in their harts to turn down the spam volume just a tiny bit, and perhaps not forward quite that many personality tests and quizzes to me, it is starting to get a little old (and frankly, most of these apps has been designed by retards.

But even though my feelings towards Facebook is fairly cold right now, I still love Facebook for the fact that it puts me in touch of all the people I know/knew in my home town. I actually feel some … comfort … in knowing that if I wanted to, I could easily reach people I went to school with, or simply log on to see what they are doing. We are even using Facebook to organise a highschool reunion right now!

Now compare Facebook to the supposedly next “new thing”, Twitter. The people I connect to on Facebook are people who are not necessarily supernerds and “early adopters”, and is far from even creating an account on Twitter.  The last time I checked Facebook had over 1 million Norwegian users, and Twitter had just over 500, so I guess Twitter has some SERIOUS catching up to do, if it can (or want to).

Twitter lacks the tools for connecting people in groups or events, so I doubt that Twitter will be anything close to have the user mass of Facebook (in Norway) any time soon, if ever.

I love microblogging myself, but it seems like 90% of what people write about are 140 character ads for their own stuff (or undisclosed endorsement for products, I have even seen several examples of weird product placements, and I’ll take cute kitten video spam on my Funwall any day over that.

(This post is a reply to recent post to “Are you fed up with Facebook?” from Mashable.)

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Four ideas I believe in

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PhotonQ-Woman 's Thoughts aKa Complex Memetics
photo credit: PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE

Readwriteweb wrote a post a few days ago about the lack of some New New Ideas for web startups, which I commented on. I wrote down a few old ideas I wish someone would like (and then steal):

photo credit: Whatsername?

1. Anything that uses the web to connect people to each other in a physical location

Bilderesultat for holding hands

Any service that makes it as easy to approach people on the street etc as it is on Twitter or Facebook. There are heaps of services that touches on this field, but not many that works or have enough members to make it work. So maybe there is room for a service that connects it all, and shows you on a mobile map where people who are open to “hellos” are. It could be a facebook app (facebook has 1 million members in Norway, of 4.7 million inhabitants). Your mobile phone would simply broadcast itself with a “hello, talk to me” to a google map and perhaps bluetooth. A cross between facebook, twitter and friendfeed, but with the purpose of connecting physical beings in a physical location.

three thumbs down
photo credit: rick

2. A web based service that lets you record video from any television channel.

It makes no sense for everyone to own their own PVR/TIVO/Mediacenter and record to disk at home, when you could do it sentralized and distribute it with bittorrent. The business model is like this: 10 gb storage for free, if you are too lazy to delete, or simply want to keep things online longer, you pay extra. Everything you program to record is automatically downloaded to your harddrive if you want to. The gold: You get access to EVERY channel on the planet. I wanted to create this in 1998, but never got around to it, so you can have that idea for free :)

3. 24/7 live streaming video from your mobile device, with a twist (object identification)

Livestreaming from a cellphone is not new, it exists today, but here is the twist: 1) a small sensor analyses your brain-response to what you see or hear, and anything that creates an “unusual” reponse is indexed and flagged for later. 2) it also has a built in visual “thesaurus” (think wikipedia meets The Terminator), that can look up information on your surroundings in semi-realtime. So if you wanted to know whether or not to eat that delicious-looking red mushroom with the white dots, the system could advise you not to.

Did you know that American kids can identify 1000 products before they start school, but only know the name of 10 local plants (according to the movie “The 11th hour“)?

4. A google earth for the body

Read more about “A google earth for the body” here

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