DIY: The WEALTH AUTOPORTABLE homemade Ipod dock!

I came across a cool tutorial over at Instructables yesterday, for using an old AM/FM radio as an amplifier for your ipod or other portable audio device, and decided to give it a whirl. So this is the old radio I will use: Cool huh! It came with the house when we bought it from… Fortsett å lese DIY: The WEALTH AUTOPORTABLE homemade Ipod dock!

Arbitron’s Portable People Meter

Engadget: Arbitron’s Portable People Meter Engadget writes about the Portable People MeterPeople Meter, «a pager-like two-inch by half-inch gadget that is supposed to be able to track all the media you’re exposed to throughout the day. Volunteers in Houston who have agreed to test the Portable People Meters are expected to wear them during all… Fortsett å lese Arbitron’s Portable People Meter