Urørt – sketches for new design

Published august 27th, 2009 by

We are working on a few improvements to the design of http://Urørt.no that I wanted to share. These are early sketches, more a basis for discussion than anything, but hopefully a few of the ideas will be realized.


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Motorpsycho – Pstereofestivalen 2009

Published august 25th, 2009 by

It was a joy to watch Motorpsycho live again, they don’t play very often anymore. I had hoped to hear more of their golden back catalog, but at least they played Greener, one of my favorite songs. Check out come of the pictures I took for p3.no at their concert when they played the Pstereo festival.

Motorpsycho homepage | Motorpsycho on Myspace

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Spill: Gamer Commando 4

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Et kårny lite førjulsspill jeg lagde for nrk.no/spiller i desember 2008.

“Ære og berømmelse, og en plass i Spiller.nos Hall of Fame venter. Hvem har ikke drømt om å skyte Mario, som hele tiden springer naivt i hælene etter Peach. Eller hva med å plassere et salig headshot i Rooney fra FIFA. Sistebrettet inneholder selve rosinen i pølsa; Dumme spillanmeldere får merke gamernes vrede.”

Spill det i fullskjerm

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Published mars 4th, 2007 by

Customer: Oh! Ohren Grafisk Formgivning
Delivered: Advice and production of a flashbased minisite. Webdev, Flash (AS2), design and development of an XML-driven gallery, contact form with PHP backend.
Designs delivered by customer as PSD.
Release: March 2007

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Userscripts.org: Amazon Sambok and BIBSYS ISBN Search

Published oktober 1st, 2005 by

La caverne aux livres
photo credit: gadl

Hey, my first Greasemonkey userscript!

Userscripts.org: Amazon Sambok ISBN Search:

This is just a fast remake of the Hight Library Linky script. Its my first script, just wanted to check out how hard it would be to rework. Luckily for me it was super easy. It inserts links to two norwegian bibliographical databases.

Bibsys, containing material from universities and colleges.
And Sambok, containing material from most Public Libraries in Norway.

Pretty useful, at least in theory, since ISBN search is quite limiting. But it will have to do for now.

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Bomber Jack Clone

Published september 8th, 2003 by


I spent a few weeks creating a Bomber Jack clone from scratch for a radio show at NRK, and ended up reskinning it at least 3 times for other projects (easy money). This version was made for the Norwegian election in 2003.


And here is a screenshot from another clone, made for the childens pages at NRK:

Hopp med Fantorangen

Want the code? Drop me a line!

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