Customer: Oh! Ohren Grafisk Formgivning Delivered: Advice and production of a flashbased minisite. Webdev, Flash (AS2), design and development of an XML-driven gallery, contact form with PHP backend. Designs delivered by customer as PSD. Release: March 2007 [flickr_set captions=»true» show_descriptions=»true» id=»72157622219156204″] Amazon Sambok and BIBSYS ISBN Search

photo credit: gadl Hey, my first Greasemonkey userscript! Amazon Sambok ISBN Search: This is just a fast remake of the Hight Library Linky script. Its my first script, just wanted to check out how hard it would be to rework. Luckily for me it was super easy. It inserts links to two norwegian bibliographical… Fortsett å lese Amazon Sambok and BIBSYS ISBN Search