Idea: Mad Max RC car

Idéa / Work in process:

I was gifted this solid radio controlled car wreck after Maker Fair Trondheim 2016. It pays to have a rumor as a hoarder :)

The engine top is cracked, and one wheel is missing, but the rest of the car seems to be intact, and the frame seems to be really well made.

Some years ago I made an “art car” with my kids from a large pink Barbie toy car that was destined for the trash-bin. This time I watn to make a running, radio controlled art car.

Being a huge fan of post-apocalyptic themes, I’m thinking of making this into a dangerous looking wehicle the could fit right into the set of Mad Max.

I did some Googling and came across this hazardous looking car:

Photo: Warner bros.

Photo: Warner bros.

Photo: Warner bros.

(The Images are from Warnes Bros superb  Mad Max website. No copyright infringement intended).

Now, I don’t want a car that only looks dangerous. 

I want the car to be fricking dangerous!

 So no rubber spikes or decals with nuclear waste symbols. Just real, nasty, rusty nails and junk, placed to cause maximum damage if it crashes into you (or explodes). And perhaps a tiny coil gun cannon, or a grinder of some kind, or a flame thrower?

This is going to be awesome!

Bonus features: 

  1. Autonomy with arduino. If you move, it will hunt you :)
  2. Long range fpv. 4 km?
  3. Run the engine on methane.
  4. Frickin lasers!

Some other cars for inspiration:

Flamethrowers. You know, for kids! Photo: Warner Bros

Nice blades

That saw-arm on front look interresting.

NRK lisenspengr

Tenk “Tinder” for NRK sitt innhold, hvor du kan swipe til venstre for “Hva? Er det DETTE lisenspengene mine går til!?!”, og til høyre for “Jøss, interessant”.

Det du hater blir brukt til å filtrere bort ting du ikke er interessert i. Det du liker blir lagt til i en hendig liste slik at du kan lese, se og høre når du har tid.

En gang i uken blir listen sendt til


Lisenspengr logo laget av Martin Aas.


H1N1 – The worlds loneliest little robot

The makers of the H1N1 robot-line soon came to regret their choice of name as sales numbers plummeted. The H1N1 was soon replaced by the wildly successful R2D2-line.

The H1N1, here holding a tasty complementary H1N1-beverage that came with each model sold.

The last remaining H1N1 know to exist was last seen roaming the deserts of Mexico.


Idea: Stained glass domes in the wilderness

Half shelter, half no/all-religion shrines, placed in the most remote
and wild places of Norway, only accessible by foot. All glass should
be recycled, and the dome should be modular, to be easy to transport,
repair, and replace. I want each module to be hollow, so it can be
filled with brightcolored pieces of glass (or plastic) by local
school-children, or local artists.


12 more images for inspiration and reference.
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Repairing a broken cake mixer

Well, SOMEBODY has to! :) This is part of my new little project: Repairing things for me and for others. It is so easy to just throw stuff away when they no longer work, and often to expensive to take them to a repair shop, so I thought I would do my part for our planet by repairing as many things as I can.

The problem: Weird sounds, no movement, burnt smell.
The solution: A part of the fan had come off and got stuck. Scraped the fan and fan housing clean and used a round file to smooth things. Good as new.

Check out my other repairs on Flickr.

Four ideas I believe in

PhotonQ-Woman 's Thoughts aKa Complex Memetics
photo credit: PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE

Readwriteweb wrote a post a few days ago about the lack of some New New Ideas for web startups, which I commented on. I wrote down a few old ideas I wish someone would like (and then steal):

photo credit: Whatsername?

1. Anything that uses the web to connect people to each other in a physical location

Everybody Deserves A Quickie

Any service that makes it as easy to approach people on the street etc as it is on Twitter or Facebook. There are heaps of services that touches on this field, but not many that works or have enough members to make it work. So maybe there is room for a service that connects it all, and shows you on a mobile map where people who are open to “hellos” are. It could be a facebook app (facebook has 1 million members in Norway, of 4.7 million inhabitants). Your mobile phone would simply broadcast itself with a “hello, talk to me” to a google map or a perhaps bluetooth. A cross between facebook, twitter and friendfeed, but with the purpose of connecting physical beings in a physical location.

three thumbs down
photo credit: rick

2. A web based service that lets you record video from any television channel.

It makes no sense for everyone to own their own PVR/TIVO/Mediacenter and record to disk at home, when you could do it sentralized and distribute it with bittorrent. The business model is like this: 10 gb storage for free, if you are too lazy to delete, or simply want to keep things online longer, you pay extra. Everything you program to record is automatically downloaded to your harddrive if you want to. The gold: You get access to EVERY channel on the planet. I wanted to create this in 1998, but never got around to it, so you can have that idea :)

3. 24/7 live streaming video from your mobile device, with a twist

Livestreaming from a cellphone is not new, it exists today, but here is the twist: 1) a small sensor analyses your brain-response to what you see or hear, and anything that creates an “unusual” reponse is indexed and flagged for later. 2) it also has a built in visual “thesaurus” (think wikipedia meets The Terminator), that can look up information on your surroundings in semi-realtime. So if you wanted to know wether or not to eat that delicious-looking red mushroom with the white dots, the system could advice you not to.

Did you know that american kids can identify 1000 products before they start school, but only know the name of 10 local plants (according to the movie The 11th hour)?

4. A google earth for the body

Read more about “A google earth for the body” here

Discarded ideas 02.04.2008


Discarded ideas 02.04.2008, originally uploaded by mskogly.

My son Leo (4 years old) decided to go through my idea-box (the golden box in the picture above) and do some heavy handed editing!

Here are some of the ideas he “didn’t like”:

1. A 100-mile gallery, inspired by the 100 mile diet, to only display works from artists living with a 100 mile radius. I thought it was a great idea, but Leo does not agree. I also like the idea of the 100 mile suit, as a concept for a local clothing store. Perhaps one could put all three together?

2. Falu-korv shaped like the Batman symbol. I was sure this would be an instant hit with the kids!

3. A magnetic dinner plate for children. By placing a powerful magnet underneath the table it is harder for a child to up-end it, or even move it. If you have children you know why this would be a great idea!

4. Thing library. A very old idea of mine, that has been implemented in many libraries all over the world, but I still want to create a local one. I had a web based personal thing library for a while, it is still online, but not really updated.

5. An anthology of poetry, short stories and images with an “Outdoors” theme. You know, nature. Working title Outside.

6. A website for giving yourself carbon credits and a better environmental conscience. There are plenty of carbon calculators out there, but they all seem to focus on how much you suck. I want to create one that shows how good you are. Actions that gives you free carbon credits are borrowing things from friends or libraries, recycling, not buying something new when you could or wanted to, buying something used instead of new, buying something green instead of not, buying something local instead of imported, doing nothing at all, using energy saving appliances instead, etc. You could still buy carbon credits if you absolutely wanted to, but is is far better if you give them to yourself as a reward for being green. Perhaps you could even sell them, or simply give them to a friend who has to travel somewhere.

7. A permanent flea market in my area. There are a few overpriced second hand stores in my city, and a few one-day flea markets, but there should be something more permanent, like in Amsterdam, New York or London, a big thriving mess of a market where people could sell or swap their stuff.

8. A cute sketch for a “family crest”. Forest + Beach

9. A way to make a “Hotweels track” for my kids using recycled materials. My kids love playing with them, but they are super expensive and not environmentally friendly, but if there was a locally prodused and cheaper alternative created with recycled materials I would buy 50 meters and let the kids go wild. No reason why it is should be so expensive, its just plastic!

10. Hiring myself out to people who need to develop new ideas.

So what to you think, do you agree with Leo that these ideas should be “canned”?


Update, 7th of february 2009: This photo is published under a Creative Commons Attribution lisence on flickr (as are all my pictures). It was recently used by as illustration. Respect! :)

Parking space psychology

Parking space psychology, originally uploaded by mskogly.

– Taken at 9:23 AM on March 29, 2007 –

AKA: How to tell if your coworkers hate their job by watching how they park their cars.

I’ve been festering this theory…

Personally, when I finally get to work, after getting the kids to kindergarden and driving 20 km, I simply pull into the first available parking spot I can find, get my stuff and heads to my desk to crank out some bad code.

In “parking lot psychology terms”, this means that I like my job, as do most of my coworkers.

But every day there are quite a few people that take their sweet time, and actually backs their car into place, a process that takes up to 10 times as long.

I want to go home!
My theory is that the people who back their cars into a parking space like this, simply can’t wait for the day to be over so that they can go back home. They actually spend lots of thought and energy even before coming to work on how they can leave in the fastest way possible.

Check it out for yourself the next time you get to work, and see who among your coworkers would rather be somewhere else… :)

Mac leads to better hygiene

Mac leads to better hygiene, originally uploaded by mskogly.

Ok, I am officially ashamed. What you see here is potatochips, dip, chopsticks and a Macbook. So what’s the story here? Well, when I first got my Mac I must have washed my hands every single time I touched something else that might have made my fingers greasy, because I was afraid my Mac would get smudged. Now, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am not the only one being anal about this, I would never have admitted something as silly as this, but I still feel like a turd, you know, in a global perspective, starving children as a starc opposite.

So, have you understood the role of the chopsticks? I’ll spell it out for you: I use the chopsticks to pick up the potato chips and dip them in the Holiday Mix, so I can combine eating junkfood with keeping my Mac clean!

I’m going to hell for this!

So that is my theory: Having a Mac, a black Ipod, or an Iphone for that matter, will cause you to wash your hands like a madman.

Update 02.02.2008:

Cool: NRKbeta writes about this post (in norwegian)