DIY: How to make your own iPhone macro lens

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Learn how you can take amazing pictures with a homemade macro lens for your iPhone or other smartphones.

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Inspired by – issue #2

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A collection of a few things I have enjoyed looking at, playing with or thinking about recently. Also check out the previous issue for more inspiration.

#1. My little Darth Vader!
My little Darth Vader
The result is part toy, part activism, part art, and 100% fun, when artist Mari Kasurinen creates her own versions of My Little PonyMari has made over 20 unique designs, several taken from Star Wars, but you will also find Edward Scissorhands, Superman, and Chutulu in her collection. Genious! And of course: My Little Catwoman!



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Inspired by – issue # 1

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19 inspirational images and videos to tickly your brain like they did mine.

#1. About a Man, a Mouse, a Gun, a Moustache, Some Gold Chains, a Pair of Glasses, and a Polkadot Bow…
About a Man, a Mouse, a Gun, a Moustache, Some Gold Chains, a Pair of Glasses, and a Polkadot Bow...

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Late of the pier – Pstereofestivalen 2009

Published august 25th, 2009 by

Took some pictures of Late of the pier for p3.no . Cool band, and even cooler fans that answered the invitation from the band to come up on stage and dance. And dance they did!


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Motorpsycho – Pstereofestivalen 2009

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It was a joy to watch Motorpsycho live again, they don’t play very often anymore. I had hoped to hear more of their golden back catalog, but at least they played Greener, one of my favorite songs. Check out come of the pictures I took for p3.no at their concert when they played the Pstereo festival.

Motorpsycho homepage | Motorpsycho on Myspace

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A Guide to Girl Watching

Published april 27th, 2009 by

The Girl Watcher
June 1959 Issue of The Girl Watcher.

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Bastard Chairs

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Photographer Michael Wolf has documented something as unusual chairs on his travels in China, or as he calls them: Bastard Chairs.

I am rather keen on making something like this tree-trunk chair for a future DIY project. I originally wanted to create a chair from a root, by I believe it will be easier to find somethinglike this:

But do check out his pictures for more interesting gems like this office chair with a home made foot created with a bucket and sement.

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Playing with Iphone photo distortions

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It turns out that my new Iphone creates some very interesting “effects” if you take pictures under certain conditions. Bright light plus movement as you take the picture makes the image warp, due to how the Iphone captures the image, almost like a scanner, calling for hours of future fun (see a few of my experiments below).

Wired has written about this, check out Take Distorted and Psychedelic iPhone Photos

There are even iPhone distortions Flickr groups (thanks to Retroper for the link)

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Pensilsharpeners for a better planet

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If you have kids then you probably have a drawer full of pens and pencils, some good, some broken. In our house there are pencils spread out EVERYWHERE, I find a few every time we clean the house, and in the weirdest of places. I usually just dump them in this drawer, and pull it out whenever the kids want to draw.

But one day when I was home taking care of my daughter who had the flu, I decided to take stock, sort the broken from the usable, and sharpen them all.

I found some empty tomato cans to put them in, and sorted the pencils after their color family.
And lo and behold, would you believe that my three kids has kept this simple system in order for well over a month now! I’m so impressed with them!

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DIY for kids: Toy Art Car Project!

Published oktober 4th, 2008 by

Noah (6) and Leo (4) creates their own “art car“. A great environmentally friendly DIY project to do with your kids.

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