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Liz Phair . Somebody’s Miracle

Wow, this is the first podcast i’ve seen delivered by an artist. Good way to give your fans some juicy new bits.

Liz Phair . Somebody’s Miracle: “Listen To The First Liz Phair Podcast!

Liz talks with her brother and also discusses rail travel with support act Cary Brothers. Also features two live performances: Table for One (unreleased) & Baby Got Going (Whitechocolatespaceegg).”


SxSW puts 2.6 GB of music online for 2005 conference

SXSW did something truly groundbreaking for their 2005 conference, when picked on song from each of the hundreds of bands performing at the festival online, and distributed it them with BitTorrent. If you have ever, like me, worked with clearing content from bands for online publishing, you can appreciate the amount of work this must taken!

And what a perfect music feast it is! Hundreds of songs, free and clear as mp3s. Great for us, and great for the bands I’m sure.