Pulp Fiction Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

Published april 25th, 2005 by

My god, I must have one of these! Remember the scene in Pulp Fiction where he asks the robber to reach in the bag and get the wallet that says “Bad mother fucker”? Well, these guys actually sells a replica.

Pulp Fiction Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

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The pope really DOES look like Darth Vader

Published april 20th, 2005 by

The first time I saw the new pope I thought to my self: Darn, doesn’t he look just like Darth Vader in the scene where Luke helps him take off his helmet?

And then the next day, what arrives in my inbox?

Not only does he look like Darth Vader, he even looks like the evil emperor! This can’t be a coinsidence?

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