DIY Video

Toy mashup: Darth Vader says … meow!

Not the most advanced mod but I liked how our “brave” cat reacted when I tested a meowing Darth Vader on him.

Conclusion: Darth Vader still has the power of the dark side! :)

Cat Communication

I later learned that only kittens meow. Adult cats only meow to communicate their needs to humans, they won’t meow when communicating with each other. Instead the rely on body language, purring and growling. So when your cat meows at you, it is basically playing kitten with you.

Toy Mashup

This is a first in a series of Mini-DIYs where I will try mashing up parts from different thrift store toys.

Commentary Ideas

H1N1 – The worlds loneliest little robot

The makers of the H1N1 robot-line soon came to regret their choice of name as sales numbers plummeted. The H1N1 was soon replaced by the wildly successful R2D2-line.

The H1N1, here holding a tasty complementary H1N1-beverage that came with each model sold.

The last remaining H1N1 know to exist was last seen roaming the deserts of Mexico.


Found Inspiration

Inspired by – issue #2

A collection of a few things I have enjoyed looking at, playing with or thinking about recently. Also check out the previous issue for more inspiration.

#1. My little Darth Vader!
My little Darth Vader
The result is part toy, part activism, part art, and 100% fun, when artist Mari Kasurinen creates her own versions of My Little PonyMari has made over 20 unique designs, several taken from Star Wars, but you will also find Edward Scissorhands, Superman, and Chutulu in her collection. Genious! And of course: My Little Catwoman!



Storm Troopers aka P3 besøker NRK Midtnytt

Slik ser det ut når P3 gjester Midtnytt-studioet, ikledd Storm Trooper-uniformer.

NRK Personal

Guttedrøm #1: Ha på seg Star Wars Storm Trooper-drakt

Fnisete som en unge på julaften! Kan ikke avsløre hva vi holder på å lage, men det kommer video-oppdatering i helga, og sikkert en million bilder til. Man må jo benytte anledningen når man først har fått tak i en Storm Trooper uniform!

Ps: Kjempeblooper, uniformen er på feil vei! Men vi oppdaget det før vi begynte å filme :)

Found Miscellaneous

The pope really DOES look like Darth Vader

The first time I saw the new pope I thought to my self: Darn, doesn’t he look just like Darth Vader in the scene where Luke helps him take off his helmet?

And then the next day, what arrives in my inbox?

Not only does he look like Darth Vader, he even looks like the evil emperor! This can’t be a coinsidence?