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  1. Hi,

    i wanted to include ‘categories’ in my blog… and your’s was the only method i liked ..as the viewer is still on the blog and not on a del.ic.ous page… but none of your categories seem to be working? they all point to the same ‘blogger categories’ post…

    please reply about this…

  2. Hm, it works fine here, but I havent tested it in all browsers. The url includes a ?tag=ipod or similar, and then presents the search result on that same blogpost, yes. The content of the list on the top of the page should change each time you click on a new category on the right hand meny.

    Heres what the url looks like.

    Oh, by the way, cool if you post comments in that post, so our dialog can be found by others and all that :)

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