Delicious Screenshots – my first wordpress plugin

If this works there should be about 6 thumbnails on this page, showing links bookmarked using Delicious, and tagged with «art».

[deliciousthumbs tag=»art» count=»6″]

Download here, version 0.7 of my very first wordpress plugin.

Activate plugin. And add your username to the options page. (under settings in the WordPress toolbar)

14.02.2017: Changed from rss to json and cleaned the code up a bit. Also removed Snapcasa from options.

What’s next:

  1. The first version of this plugin used Snapcasa for creating thumbnails, but I switched to to get a higher success rate.
  2. The count param doesn’t seem to do anything when calling the api, it always returns 10 results, so I need to handle that in the code instead. I’ve notified them of the bug.
  3. Testing other screenshotting services or making my own.
  4. Choosing an image from the page metadata when available.

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