Code: + Thumbalizr screenshots + caching

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I’m playing with my Delicious Snapcasa code this weekend to see if I can replace Snapcasa with the screenshot-service. Snapcasa was great because it gave me plenty of free captures each month, but it has some serious problems capturing some of the sites I throw at it, and was behaving rather randomly, so it… Fortsett å lese Code: + Thumbalizr screenshots + caching

Playing with SnapCasa screenshots and

Tonights nerdfest will include trying to use the SnapCasa and to generate a lovely page full of thumbnails, one for each url. Ingredients: 1. My 100 latest bookmarked urls from 2. A SnapCasa login account. 3. A server that supports xslt transformation. (I’m running MAMP on my macbook, and pappmaskin is hosted… Fortsett å lese Playing with SnapCasa screenshots and