DIY: Handpainted giftwrapping from cardboard boxes

How-to transform a boring cardboard box into something cute, beautiful and worth taking care of instead of throwing away, with very little work. This is a good little project to do with your kids.

I’ve tried to remember to put aside some of the cardboard boxes that come through our household each year. I wanted to use them as gift wrap or at least shipping boxes when needed, a great (and moneysaving) way to keep more trash out of the waste stream for a little while longer, but with just a little paint and a pair of tiny helping hands we transformed them into small works of art that hopefully will light up the faces of four grandparents this christmas. And hopefully they won’t just throw them out but reuse them again.

Mini-DIY: Homemade handpainted giftboxes in 1-2-3

Av Morten Skogly

Creator of Things