Toy mashup: Darth Vader says … meow!

Not the most advanced mod but I liked how our «brave» cat reacted when I tested a meowing Darth Vader on him. Conclusion: Darth Vader still has the power of the dark side! :) Cat Communication I later learned that only kittens meow. Adult cats only meow to communicate their needs to humans, they won’t… Fortsett å lese Toy mashup: Darth Vader says … meow!

Frying pan dog!

My daughter is so cute! Look what she made! A frying pan dog, in a cage. Kids have such cool imagination! Sarah was helping me with the dishes, and was about to put this small frying pan back in it’s place, but all of a sudden her face lit up and off she went, proclaiming… Fortsett å lese Frying pan dog!