Toy mashup: Darth Vader says … meow!

Not the most advanced mod but I liked how our «brave» cat reacted when I tested a meowing Darth Vader on him. Conclusion: Darth Vader still has the power of the dark side! :) Cat Communication I later learned that only kittens meow. Adult cats only meow to communicate their needs to humans, they won’t… Fortsett å lese Toy mashup: Darth Vader says … meow!

Web meets world

I really enjoyed this talk by Tim O’Reilly at Web 2.0 Expo in New York, it has that great mix of tech and social responsibility that is so important to achieve. I’m currently a bit sick and tired of the myriad of new social media websites that pop up all the time, all doing basicly… Fortsett å lese Web meets world

Code: Gameinfo + Gametrailers + Youtube Mashup

Norsk? Du finner en norsk versjon av denne artikkelen på I recently made a Gameinfo service for It pulls in licenced gameinfo from our partner GameXplore though XML, and combines it with a search for related videoes from Youtube before it is presented on the page. Example: FIFA STREET 3 Gameinfo – NRK… Fortsett å lese Code: Gameinfo + Gametrailers + Youtube Mashup

Mina Hadjian på Hovefestivalen

Av og til tar fantomet (meg) på seg kamerabag og drar ut i verden for å lage tv. Her er noen klipp fra Hovefestivalen i 2007, som stod i gjørmebrytingens og skamklippingens tegn. Herlige Mina Hadjian, min store helt, stod foran kamera, og jeg stod bak. Disse reportasjene ble filmet mens Mina var i harde… Fortsett å lese Mina Hadjian på Hovefestivalen