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Crackit (Blender, Photoshop)

Testing the Crackit add-on to Blender, as a way to generate forms and shapes. See tutorial video at the bottom of this post.

This is interesting. Did the texturing in Photoshop, which spits out this fascinating mapping pattern:

Each pattern is zoomable, and I got lost in trying to find interesting forms:

Crackit tutorial:

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Heia Fotball

Hva: Design for nettsidene til Heia Fotball, en spesialpodkast (rett på nett) fra NRK P3.
Hvor: p3.no/heia-fotball/

Heia Fotball designskisse

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Pixelpeople is a series of digital portraits I made many years ago, back when I still had time to frolick. Some of them are stillframes grabbed from heavily compressed Real Video, which where know for creating rather strange artifacts in their encoding. Others are still frames from television, I believe one of them is even based on a still from Baywatch :). I was inspired by Dave McKean at the time, so that is where the layers of textures came from on some of the portraits.

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Politician, from the Pixelpeople-series

Pixelpeople – I grabbed the face of some random fat politician off my television using a cheap tv card, and manipulated the shit out of it. The pixelpeople-series is my attemt to find something of beauty and poetry where there is none. You should to.